The Dry, Achy Hand Solution!

Recently, I have gone from a spa setting where everyone was shocked by how soft my hands were, to an office environment where I am typing a LOT and getting extreme hand cramps as well as sandpaper textured hands from all of the paperwork! This process has helped with both the dryness and achiness!

I start the process out with 3 initial steps:

1. Exfoliation

2. Cuticle conditioning

3. Moisturizing

1. For the exfoliation, my preference is to use a glycolic acid based scrub for the anti-aging properties it provides, but any scrub will work. This takes off any dead skin and prepares your hands to receive moisture!

2. This step is optional, but my cuticles are always ragged so I use a cuticle oil on them.

3. I then use a good hand cream- Estée Lauder and Shiseido make 2 of my favorites!

The next part is what really seals everything in and helps with that achiness however:

Paraffin wax! This stuff is amazing! You may be familiar with it as an add-on at nail salons. I have an at home version that I use 2-3 times per week.

Once I’ve completed the first 3 steps, I dip each hand in 3 times and leave it on for about 10 minutes. The wax really helps to deal in the moisture from the cuticle oil and moisturizer. The heat helps with those little aches and pains, and just feels overall amazing!

This has helped me successfully keep dry skin and achiness to a minimum! What are your tips and tricks?

Until next time,



18 thoughts on “The Dry, Achy Hand Solution!

  1. I don’t like it when my hands get or feel dry so I always have a hand cream in my bag. I have lotion at work, too. I have yet to try Estée Lauder’s hand cream. You might want to try L’occitane. They have good hand creams, too.


  2. I would love to try this paraffin wax. Skin dryness is so annoying during the cold winter months. Sometimes moisturizers are not enough. Thanks for sharing this tip of using paraffin to lock in the moisture.


  3. I have to make sure that I always apply lotion on my hands when I am at work. Since I deal with so much paper, my hands are always dry.


  4. This is genius!!! I LOVE hacks like this – my hands always get sooo dry in the winter and no matter what I use, it gets bad every day. I definitely will be trying this out! Such an amazing idea!


  5. I need to try this! My skin gets so dry and rough in winter. When I start prepping my garden, my hands look disastrous thanks to that dry skin.


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