What is Micellar water and why do I need it???

Earlier last year, I kept seeing this “Micellar water” stuff popping up everywhere. After wondering what this was and why I should pay money for “water”, I finally gave it a try! 6 months later, I am still using it and wouldn’t have it any other way!


Micellar water is made up of tiny oil molecules called Micelles (hence the name Micellar water!). Micelles are like little super magnets attracted to makeup and dirt. They are so effective that even after using my makeup remover and cleanser, the Micellar water is picking up more!
Micellar water is also incredibly gentle. The Micelles dissolve the makeup and dirt gently, instead of foaming and stripping the skin. As an ex-tanner, I do a LOT to my skin to fend off as much of the damage as possible- having a gentle makeup remover is a must! It is even gentle enough to use on your eye makeup!

My favorite Micellar Water thus far is the Garnier SkinActive one. The way that I have worked it into my routine is to use some on a cotton round after I have cleansed my face. Why after the cleanse one might ask??? This is why:

Especially when you wear long wear makeup, cleanser is not enough to get everything off of your face (and my cleanser is formulated to take makeup off too!). This is what my Micellar water got off my face after a double cleanse!!!

Micellar water is definitely my favorite beauty find for 2016! What’s yours???

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21 thoughts on “What is Micellar water and why do I need it???

  1. That Garnier Micellar water is amazing stuff honestly! I tried it and LOVE it! I will be buying more once I get through testing other product I have to review. I can only use so many product at a time lol but for anyone looking for a great cleanser that also takes off makeup … this is the deal here! Affordable too!


  2. I haven’t heard of this Micellar water before. Your photos are great of the after you washed your face. Amazing how much was still cleaned off your face. Will have to find me some of this.


    • If you felt like there was residue, I would try an oil free option. Sometimes if you’re not use to that feeling, the oils can make you feel like you still have something on your face…


  3. When I read your title, why was I thinking, “Oh, another water brand. I like my Deer Park…” LOL. I have never heard of Micellar Water and it sounds like a blessing. Still picks things up after make up remover? Will definitely have to try this out!


  4. I love Micellar Water! I usually use it on light makeup days, just to remove my mascara and a bit of concealer. I love that it lasts so much longer than my typical makeup wipes do. This was a very informative post!


  5. Like you I have been seeing this around and wondered what in the world it was! After seeing what all you got off your face after cleansing it I may need to try some!!


  6. I’m new to this thing about Micellar water. I’ve read a few articles about it and I still have not tried it (yet). I may pick up a bottle or two of Garnier Micellar water (one for me and my daughter) and see how it works for us. Thanks for the review.


  7. I’m always hesiitant to try something with oil in it for my oily sensitive skin, but this does sound interesting. My teenager has to wear a complete skull makeup look for a performance on the weekends, so this might be helpful to get it all off.


  8. I’ve tried micellar water! Before especially after nights out it just seemed so quick and easy way to get make up off! It was amazing!
    I then went through a period where I stopped wearing makeup therefore stopped using the product. overall I found it very good and it did the job!
    The one beauty item I can’t do without this year is my lip balm, carmex! Never leave the house without it


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