5 Nail Polishes that Scream Winter- Even When its 80 Outside!

Coming out of the holiday season, I always feel  comraderie with winter. Throughout the end of the year, we are so focused of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas that once the new year is here it just feels more like winter.

This year, while it feels “winter” in spirit, it’s in the 80’s and hasn’t even given a bit of relief from the heat 😭. And so, regardless of where you are and what the weather is like, here are 5 Polishes that scream winter!

1. KB Shimmer- Snow Way!

No explanation even needed with that name!

2. OPI- DS Titanium

This is a gorgeous asphalt color with lots of iridescent glitter to it!

3. CND Vinylux- Asphalt

Vinylux is one of my favorite polish lines- they are amazingly smooth and long wearing! This color is a perfect slate grey.

4 & 5:  Sally Hansen- Crochet layered over Michael Kors- Curtain Call

Crochet is a fabulously chunky, snowy looking glitter polish. I love it layered over Curtain Call- a bright, beautiful cobalt blue!

I have definitely enjoyed this winter season without winter weather! And these polishes have helped lend a little bit of that winter feeling!

What were your favorite winter Polishes this season?

Until next time,



18 thoughts on “5 Nail Polishes that Scream Winter- Even When its 80 Outside!

  1. My daughter is oohing and aaahing over each of these nail polish colors. I think I will have to get one as a surprise for her birthday.


  2. Loving the candy land nail polish at least that is what I am going to call it. Red is a favorite color for myself. Bright red, blood red, deep reds any shade of red and I am loving them.


  3. The bottom one looks awesome. I would love to try to do that myself. I also really like the sky blue one at the top it almost looks like water droplets on the nails.


  4. I love the second one!! It’s funny I came across this post because just yesterday (when my daughter was supposed to be napping) she got out all her nail polishes and painted her nails on the carpet…her hands were FULL of nail polish, yet (thank GOD!) the carpet was clean!!


  5. These nail polishes are perfect for the winter months. I love all of these colors but the shiner the better for me. The Crochet layered over Curtain Call is my favorite. Thanks for sharing these awesome polishes.


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