5 Nail Polishes You Need to Get Through the Holiday Season

One of the silly things that has had me most excited about changing job fields is the ability to wear nail polish. I have worked in a facial job for the past few years where we weren’t allowed to wear polish, and the nail tech side of me died a little every time I saw my polish collection sitting neglected in the corner! Needless to say, I have gone a little overboard now that I have the ability to wear it whenever I want!

So without further ado, here are my 5 favorite nail polishes for the holiday season!!

  1. Nicole by OPI- Disco Dolls



This coppery, gold glitter has flecks of red and green in it, making it perfect for Christmas!

2 & 3. Butter London- Henley Regatta layered over British Racing Green

This combination of greens is super festive! British Racing Green is more of a forest green color. Henley Regatta is a very fine glitter with more of a traditional evergreen color to it. The two layered together give a gorgeous sparkling green!

4. OPI- Live and Let Die

This polish was a toughie to photograph! It is a dark, almost black forest green with gold flecks. I like this because it is different from the regular holiday colors, but still festive!

5. OPI- It’s Frosty Outside

This is probably one of my favorite polishes ever! For those not familiar with the Liquid Sands, essentially they are matte glitters. They give all the sparkle, but also have a textured look about them as well.

These are the polishes that I have been feeling the most this holiday season. What are your must haves this season???






19 thoughts on “5 Nail Polishes You Need to Get Through the Holiday Season

  1. These are all awesome colors for nail polish during the holiday season. OPI has great colors and I am going to have to check these all out for sure. I love sparkly and shiny nails which all these colors fit that category. Thanks for sharing all of these awesome colors.


  2. I love OPI polishes and the liquid sands are gorgeous. I love the turquoise. I’m a big fan of French manicures so I think it would be pretty to tip my nails in the glittery color.


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